Africoin Community Update 08/12/2017

How To Become An Active Member of the AFC Community


Seasons greetings!

The community have been receiving series of mails requesting for the steps to take to become a member, rep or list on Batch 1. Here is a detailed information on these:

1.) How To Become An Active Member of the AFC Community:
Every member of the Africoin community is expected to pay a one-time membership due of $25 as a contribution to the community administrative funds. This fund is used for the following:

i) Funding of continued mining of the coin to secure the blockchain transactions.
ii) Funding of the Africoin monthly advertising and promotional campaigns to improves sales and grow the eco-system.
iii) Sponsorship of events like seminars, workshops and conferences.
iv) Funding of the community administrative costs.

To pay for your membership due, simply fund your cash wallet by sending a Bitcoin payment to the address below:

You can also fund your cash wallet using your local currency and through bank payments via your local Africoin representatives. To fund through your local reps visit the link below:

Once your cash wallet is funded, you can activate your membership by clicking the Pay Membership Fee button on the membership activation page below:

If you still have difficulty activating your community membership, please do call your local rep for assistance.

2.) How To Become An Africoin Rep
The Africoin local reps represent the excos of this great community. All leadership decisions are taken by the excos hence the need for every member to be part of the excos to ensure a more robust and effective administration of the community. There are 3 layers of leadership within the community; National, State and City. The current Africoin community has a dynamic tracking capability ensuring that all reps are well compensated for their efforts in growing the ecosystem within their area of coverage. Reps gets up to 1% of the trading or sales commissions whenever a member within their area of coverage sells or buys Africoin.

To become a rep, simply send a mail to Do indicate the Country or State or City you want to represent.

3.) Listing Your Coin on Batch 1:
We have started accepting coins for Batch 1. We are accepting a maximum of 25,000 coins from each member for sales. We are selling one coins at a price of $0.5. We are pooling all coins together and selling it through intense marketing, advertisement and promotional events. These coins will be sold as #Genesis Blocks, Investment Portfolio packets, Paper Wallets etc.

If you have already activated your membership by paying your membership contribution or dues, simply go to and transfer the number of coin you want to sell to the wallet address below:
Wallet Address: afccommunity

i) Don't transfer above 25,000 AFC
ii) Only members who have made their contributions should transfer coins to the community for sales.
iii) Batch 1 coin listing closes 15th December 2017.
iv) Those whose coins are on the blockchain will be informed to send in their coins for sales once the blockchain mining resume.

For further inquiries and support send an email to


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