Africoin Community Update 04/12/2017

There is a need to engage in rigorous publicity using all known media outlets.


With the launch of the new community platform, Africoin business activities will be revived and we can start seeing progress. Here are some quick facts you need to know about the community -

1. The community is not a wallet or an Africoin official website. It is simply a platform setup by the Africoin excos to manage AFC member-driven activities. Your coins are intact and are store on the blockchain or web wallets currently available. You are expected to transfer only the coins you intend selling to the community. The community has a set of promotional and advertisement activities that will ensure every member is able to sell their coins.

To transfer from your web wallet to the community for sales purpose, visit https://africo.inand click on transfer and transfer to the address below:

(a) For Web Wallet Transfers:
Address: afccommunity

(b) For Blockchain Wallet Transfers
Transfers of coins from the blockchain wallet to the community is not currently available as mining is yet to resume.

Transfer only when you have confirmed your membership.

2. The 1million Membership Program:
This idea was put forward by a member of the Africoin dev team. It opens a lot of dynamics into growing Africoin in Africa rural areas and for the non-computing people around Africa.
Within the next 90days the Africoin will be able to signup over 1,000,000 new members around Africa in the rural areas through the dissemination of Africoins in form of paper wallets in rural areas. A paper wallet is currently been developed by our technical team and should be ready soon. Work on the paper wallet started Saturday 2nd December. With the blockchain based paper wallet, you would be able to store Africoin values in a paper that looks like a cheque and can be easily redeemed through the rep and local exchange network. Reps, Members, Paid field workers will go to the regular market places, transport parks, schools etc to distribute these paper wallets containing from 10AFC to 100AFC. Market woman, bus drivers, students etc will be able to purchase these paper wallets and redeem after 3months.

We are improving the Africoin per user holding to a maximum of 100AFC. Don't lose your coins as they will be very valuable soon.

The community is the only way members can be effectively managed and responsibilities delegated. You ideas and suggestions are very much needed within the community as there are no other leaders but you. There are lot of activities that needed to commence immediately but can't without members paying their dues of $25.

Here are the reasons why all members need to pay their dues:

3a. There has been a lot of instances and complaints about missing coins or transfer from the blockchain wallets not working. These challenges are associated with redundant blockchain mining activity. Without a continued and regular mining on the blockchain, transfer or transactions cannot be confirmed or processed. When you pay your membership due of $25, we will be able to raise the budget for mining the coin throughout the year.

3b. Without an expanding eco system we won't be able to sell our coins. There is a need to engage in rigorous publicity using all known media outlets. We are targeting growing the eco system to 1million Africans within the next 90days. We are planning massive campaigns through seminars, adverts, and grassroots engagements around Africa. Without your membership dues this cannot be achieved.

To pay your membership dues, send Bitcoin payment to the address below:


After payment send the transaction hash id and amount to and your cash wallet will be funded. Once your cash wallet is funded, proceed to activate your membership by visit

If you are interested in becoming an Africoin rep do send an email to

4. Report Missing Coins! If you are experiencing issues of missing coins or transfers not reflecting, click here to report it now:

Best Regards!

Africoin Community